How it works


Get a property to Rent

Find the property (home, shop or office) and negotiate the rent with the property owner/landlord

Check your eligibilty

To qualify for RNPL, you need to have the value of 6 monthly rent payments saved in your Stacs Vault

Apply for RNPL

Provide KYC and property details for verification, after which the full rent amount will be paid

Pay Monthly

You’ll pay a set, convenient monthly amount until the rent tenure is over

Why Stacs RNPL?

Pay your rent in convenient bits

Pay as you earn with monthly sums calculated just for you

Rent paid in as low as 24 hours

Earn up to 18% interest on your savings in Stacs Vault

The rent calculator shows you your monthly repayment and interest sum, try it now

Rent Calculator

*Interest rate is 24% per annum

Monthly Repayment ₦124,000

Vault Requirement ₦600,000

Return on Vault Requirement ₦72,000

Minimum Monthly Income Required ₦372,000